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Posture Corrector for Men and Women - Back Brace for Posture

Posture Corrector for Men and Women - Back Brace for Posture

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Adjustable and Versatile – fits all chest sizes between 35" and 41"

Strengthen and Correct – Whether you need to recover from an injury or want to improve posture, we are here to help you. Use the Wakiya Care posture corrector strap to realign your vertebrae, strengthen your muscles and recover your mobility

Reduce Back Pain and Improve Posture – Use under or over your clothes to realign your spine and reduce the pain caused by poor spinal alignment. Don’t worry if you experience a slight initial discomfort; it means the back brace is working and it’s aligning your spine the way it should be

Build Muscles – Realigning your vertebrae once is not enough to eliminate future back pain. Take advantage of Wakiya Care's long term use Posture Corrector to strengthen your muscles overtime and prevent further damage

Boost Flexibility – Once your posture has improved and your back muscles will feel stronger with continued use, the Wakiya Care Posture Corrector can continue to help you recover mobility and complete your healing process


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